Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Marketing Agency?

Even though a marketing agency can play different roles for a business, not every business needs one. Most businesses seek out an agency to help managing the advertising budget, acquire market research and expand their resources.

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How does a marketing agency work for my business?

A marketing agency acts as a mediator between all advertising providers and its partners maximizing efficient use of the marketing budget, brings experience and resources to achieve all the different marketing goals of its clients.

Which media will work better for my business?

A good marketing agency listens to your needs and conducts some research to make sure it understands your industry. Depending on this initial contact a good agency will make recommendations and not push for a quick sale. It’s a partnership relationship.

We advertise in English, should I use the same message for other cultures?

We have all heard horror stories about marketing campaigns translate verbatim from the original language. Sometimes, its is not the message what needs to be worked on, but the objective of a campaign. Maybe is top-of-mind awareness, so the last thing you want to have a bad label. Being bilingual is not the same as being multicultural.

What is the difference between Media Planning and Media Placement or Buying?

Media Planning is the process of identifying the goals, budget and best ways to advertise a product or service and where to reach a desired audience for a marketing campaign.

Media Placement or Buying is the process of selecting, negotiating and placing the most cost efficient and productive way to achieve a client’s marketing goals.